Metal Fabrication Software

Metal Fabrication Software

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JOBSCOPE Enterprise Edition ERP Software

JOBSCOPE metal fabrication software is the ERP manufacturing software of choice for metal fabrication and processing. Steel fabrication and aluminum fabrication companies like Veridiam, Cardinal Aluminum, MP Husky, Engineered Products, Southern Steel, and Eugene Welding rely on the features in Jobscope metal fabrication ERP software to enhance their quoting, BOM configuration management, order processing, materials management, scheduling, costing, product life cycle management & traceability, quality management, shipping, and accounting.

Metal Fabricators, Aluminum Extruders, Steel Fabricators, and Steel Service Centers all utilize Jobscope metal fabrication software to benefit their operations. Regardless of a metal fabrication companies size or product line, it is safe to state that major improvements can be made to the profit picture by better management of materials. This especially holds true for Metal Fabrication , Steel Fabrication, and Aluminum Extruders. The benefits of a strong Materials Management system include reduced scrap, traceability of coil, sheet, billets, and extrusions back to the original suppliers lot or heat number, plus the synergistic improvements resulting from have the right materials at the right time, from reduced inventory levels and from avoiding losses through the anticipation of materials problems.

JOBSCOPE metal fabrication ERP manufacturing software features the tools for a sound Materials Management program via a time-phased, requirements-driven Materials System written specifically for order driven manufacturers. Being unique to these environments, JOBSCOPE avoids the confusion generated by attempting to operate with forecast-driven software.

Material requirements are generated in response to customer orders or jobs. Because requirements are tied to a specific customer Work Order, they carry the date the material will be needed. This date allows accurate and meaningful projections as to material availability. Coupling this central materials concept with other control points provided by JOBSCOPE results in a complete Materials Management System.

The Materials Requirements features in JOBSCOPE ERP software provides for the creation of a record in the database, which documents each material need. This data set, the heart of the function, contains fields describing the item by identifying how the item will be used, specifying the number of items required and how many have already been provided, defining the Purchase Order which will satisfy the requirement, and specifying the date the item is required.

The Inventory function within JOBSCOPE metal fabrication software provides for the physical storage of materials for expected consumption be manufacturing or other activity. JOBSCOPE features three separate types of inventory:

Metals Fabrication Manufacturing Software Benefits

Stock - Most frequently occurring inventory management available in most manufacturing software solutions. Provides for managing a perpetual inventory through receiving and issuing transactions. Best described as "Stockroom" items and components, or raw materials.

Lot - A material type for which several lots may exist. Lots may differ by vendor, size, batch, serial number, heat number, metal type, vendor lot or date received. Within Lot Inventory, JOBSCOPE manufacturing software provides support for three units of Measure (UOM): pieces, pounds, and one other UOM, which is defined by the user. This feature is particularly suitable for serial and lot tracking of metals, traceability of other raw materials into finished products, steel aluminum sheet and coil that need to be tracked in lbs, pieces, and feet or inches.

Job - Metal and other Items may be purchased specifically for a job, and upon receipt, charged directly to the job. If, however, it is desirable to defer issue to a later date or use it on another job, the materials may be held in the job inventory.

Responding to the needs of the system, the Purchasing function in JOBSCOPE ERP software links purchased materials to Material Requirements. Purchase Orders are printed and expediting is performed.

JOBSCOPE metal fabrication manufacturing software spares the user the difficult task of mastering the relationship of the Material Requirements, Inventory, and Purchasing functions through a completely integrated database. By the explosion of an Engineering Bill of Materials, JOBSCOPE defines all aspects of the production of an item - routings, work centers, standard times and needed materials. It does this by addressing function within the system concerning the required materials. Purchasing is instructed to buy the items called for in the Bill of Materials as a purchased part. Stock Inventory and Lot Inventory are queried to determine the Balance on Hand of the needed items. If necessary, replenishment orders are issued to Purchasing to replace depleted stock. Work Order are issued to Production to produce any manufactured parts. And throughout the entire production process, JOBSCOPE offers analysis of all aspects of an order - from engineering and estimating, to production, to shipping and billing - with full financial reporting features along the way.

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